Disclaimer: General exception clause

1. Regarding online quotation

The parties created and currently running this website does not bear liabilities for the timeliness, correctness, completeness, or equivalent quality of information. For tangible or intangible damages arising from using or not using the information provided by this website, or such information in falsified or incomplete form, the user has no right to demand this company or website creator to bear liabilities. The quotation from this website poses no binding and is subject to change. This company or website creator expressly reserve the right to modify, add or delete parts of website or all quotation without notice, and has the right to temporarily or permanently terminate such feature.

2. Links

The links in external websites are out of the control of this company or website creator. The liabilities of this company and website creator only apply to prevent reasonably expected illegal use. This company and website creator clearly states that the websites directed by these links contain no illegal content. This company and website creator has no influence on the design and content of linked website at that time and in the future. This company hereby states that all modified contents of the linked website are irrelevant to this company. This disclaimer applies to all links inserted into the website, and the message left by visitors and in forums as well as the mail list created by the party running the website. Liabilities arising from illegal, false, or incomplete contents, especially the damages caused by using or not using the information provided, are sole responsibilities of the party running the linked website, and are irrelevant to this company or website creator, who simply provides website links.

3. General terms for copyright and trademark

The author should abide with the copyrights of images, audio & video files and all texts in publications, and use images, audio & video files and texts created by him-/her-self or those do not require authorization. All trademarks appeared in the website and those possibly protected by third parties are regulated by current Trademark Act, related laws and regulations, as well as the ownership of registration owner. It is not possible to conclude that a trademark is not protected by any third-party rights by simply mentioning it.

4. Biolux’s copyrights

All texts, images and other information published are protected by Biolux’s copyrights unless otherwise indicated. Storage, copying, duplication, or transmission, including citation. Biolux is a registered trademark. The copyrights of publications created by the author belong to the author, the duplication or use of related images, audio & video files and texts in other electronic or printed publications without the author’s express permission is prohibited.

5. The legal effect of exception

Exception forms a part of the website. For any clause or individual terms in this document not matching the commonly agreed legal usage or being incomplete, all other clauses in this document still has complete coercive power and effect.